How It Works

Welcome to EmbassyFLEX, Inc.

How it works
Simply download the EmbassyFLEX mobile app, then proceed to
select either driver or user and complete the profile customized to you


When you get a ride request, you'll see a notification with the
passenger's name, pickup ETA, and ride type. Tap anywhere to

Swipe up on the bottom panel to navigate to the pickup location.
Tap ‘I’m here’ when you’re at the pickup location.
Tap ‘Slide to pick up’ when the passenger gets in to start the ride.
Tap 'Nav' to begin navigation, then drive the rider to their destination.
Tap ‘Slide to drop off’ when you arrive at the drop-off location.
Rate your passenger manually, or let the timer finish to auto-rate the passenger 5 stars.
Waiting at a stop
When a passenger asks you to wait for them at a stop, set expectations by agreeing on
wait time. Taking a moment to do this will help make your ride easier and frustration-free.
If the passenger doesn’t return at the agreed-upon time, feel free to end the ride. You can
also suggest the passenger request a new Lyft when they’re ready to go.
How to end a ride at a stop
Don’t cancel the ride ​​— this will cancel the whole ride, and you won’t be paid for the part
that you drove.
Instead, tap ‘Slide to drop off.’
booking a ride through a few taps on the EmbassyFLEX mobile app is available as soon
as you complete the profile within the app. You can also request a ride from
EmbassyFLEX through our EmbassyFLEX website making it easy and accessible to
book Luxury at the tap of a button.

First put in your location for pick up then destination for drop off.
Second select the vehicle of your choice.

Now choose the service that you need. As soon as you perform this step you get
connected to drivers near you. Within a few minutes thereafter you can enjoy the safe
trip and provide reviews. It’s as easy as that!

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