How It Works

Our App. is user friendly, you can book your luxury ride in just a few simple steps. 
1. Sign up and create account.
2. Add your payment details.
3. Enter your trip information.
Your driver will accept your request,pick you up and take you safely to your destination.

  • Request your ride Just enter your trip details, choose your vehicle and our app automatically sends your request to the nearest driver.
  • Recieve Driver Details Once your Ride request is accepted, the app automatically informs you of all the driver details including make and model of the vehicle.
  • Track and Guide You can see the route and distance of your driver and you can guide your driver to you using our in app features.
  • Enjoy your ride Once the driver reaches you, just hop in and enjoy the trip. The app will calculate the fare and give you an invoice at the end of your trip.

Hourly Rates

The App will allow you to request a vehicle with a Driver at a hourly rate. 

Corporate Rides

This feature will allow you to book and pay for commerical rides through your registered company.

Safety & Security

Safety for our customers and drivers are our top priority. Our app allows clients based on there profile to request only female drivers. Both our riders and drivers have an emergency (SOS) button which is directily connected to police and medical response, with real time tracking. All of our drivers are pre-screened with full criminal background checks. Our system allows face recognition and finger print login access for drivers and  users.

Real Time Tracking

We are committed to a Safe & Secure Trip for our users. You can track the entire Trip using our App. Which is recorded in our system. 

Covid Safety

Our vehicles are required to be cleaned using the latest in Anti-Viral chemicals after each ride is completed. Face masks are optional for all clients, riders may request that their driver wear a face mask. 

Request a ride by phone

If you dont have access to the internet or moblie app. Dont worry, you can still request and book a ride with our direct customer line. Our agent can calculate your trip fare and we do accept credit and debit cards through this service.
(305) 581-3357

Simple Registration

Register yourself and start enjoying the Luxury you Deserve. Drivers can register and start earning more driving premium and luxury vehicles. 

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